Tuesday, October 3, 2017

THANK YOU and brief summary of Suicide Prevention Training Event

Dear Parents,

I just want to follow up with a sincere thank you to each of you that were able to attend the event last Wednesday evening. I know the youth felt really good about their presentation and what an empowering opportunity for each of them to participate in this. 

I will be following up with another e-mail later this week to really summarize the whole evening and the work session. A fairly comprehensive list of assets and resources were identified as well as some areas that both our communities have limited access to better resources. 

I plan to organize another meeting in a few months to further develop this list, discuss each of our roles as stakeholders in the event of a sudden tragic event, and collaborate on an educational/resource tool to distribute community wide to assist our families that are faced with difficult times. 

Please feel free to reach out with any additional thoughts or questions and also to let me know if you are interested in being actively involved in this effort so that I can include you in any correspondences. I feel very fortunate to work and live in a community that is willing to come together to discuss these difficult matters and support our youth.


Jennifer Gagnon                                 Laura Lavallee
Student Assistance Counselor           Health Education Teacher
Belmont Middle/ High School             Belmont High School

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